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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reinventing bathrooms

TODAY’S bathrooms have taken on new roles, not only as a place for cleaning and freshening up but also as a sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate.

Opening new frontiers in living environments, living more openly and with less inhibition and challenging traditional concepts of living space — these are some of the current concepts in modern home designs.

Nowhere is this more evident than in bathrooms.

Bathrooms today are not what they used to be. This is because people today spend so much more time in the bathroom.

For some, the bathroom is a haven for some peace and quiet. For others, it is a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

There is a sense of zen in the art of designing the bathroom. And leading in this direction is the brand Dornbracht of Germany. Members of the media were recently invited by developer
Sunrise Bhd to visit the Dornbracht factory in Germany.

For many years, Dornbracht has been in the forefront of liberating contemporary home interiors by merging bathing and living spaces using various artistic and functional designs from its own portfolio. An example of this is Dornbracht’s Interiors collection.

Today, the Interiors collection has a total of 21 items, each product being a unique stand-alone design. Because of their universally timeless designs and forms, they can be paired with
one another and used to highlight individual features in any living space.

Internationally renowned designers have perfected their very personal concepts of a bathroom for the Interiors collection.

Each new design is therefore the individual expression of the ideas and style of the respective designer and represents his or her interpretation of bathroom and living culture.

Featured here are some designs from the Dorbracht collection.

The eTECH design featuring wall-mounted infrared basin mixer and lotion dispenser

Light for bath and life
Today, the specialised use of light plays a central role in the architecture of the home and bathroom. Of course, stylish lighting complements any design in the bathing and living area, as very individual staging of rooms and specifications can be created with the use of light alone. As an example, the lights, as with the Light Modules, can be stand-alone or as part of an arrangement, thus becoming an element of design by itself.

Hidden high-tech
Intelligent technology doers not have to show its complex inner workings.
On the contrary, the element of surprise is all the more appealing. The wall-mounted infrared basin mixer, eTECH, designed by Jahn Lykouria Design is totally architectural in its formal expression. It follows a clear geometric line, pampering anyone who comes close to the fitting. Its movement-sensitive on/off function allows the water to flow until a second wave of the hand tells it to stop.

Ritual gym
A special feature of the Dornbracht ritual architecture, Tara.Logic, is that it offers a place for gentle rituals, retreat and peace — the essence of a bathroom.

Tara.Logic is based on a system of straight vertical panels with full emphasis on the erect vertical — detracting from a laid-back horizontal. In Tara.Logic ritual architecture, the water is powerful, bursting out from a dark panel in the ceiling and gushing down onto the body.

The Tara Classic collection
Another of Dornbracht’s prides, Tara Classic is an example of design that is timeless and durable
in its functionality. This envisions the contemporary bathroom as a revival of the traditional function of bathrooms of ancient times where men and women gathered to communicate and to pamper each other. This collection rediscovers the feminine dressing table, which gives due attention to getting ready for the day. It includes a mirror at the right height when seated and a comfortable seat for attending to cosmetic touchups. An area for feminine beauty, enclosed within itself, is connected directly to the washstand.

The male area is stylish and functional. It features a stone washstand, shelf areas made of wood
on the left and right, and a mirror, with lighting optimally focused for shaving and facial care.

Bathing redefined
What happens if a fitting is no longer a design object within the architecture but becomes architecture in itself, or if the space experiences structural change and order through it?

Like when the water-point itself becomes a room within a room. Or a bathtub, for example, functioning as a room divider, refined by the fitting as a functional appliance.

The washstand can also become a wall element, which inserts itself into the surrounding architecture. Such fittings that serve dual functions as a fusion of design and architecture, such as Meta.02, are minimal in size and shape. Otherwise, they compete with their surroundings.

The Rainsky shower featuring thermostat module and Tara hand shower set

RainSky shower system
This is Dornbracht’s revolutionary concept borrowed from the idea of “taking a shower under the sky”. The shower panel is fitted on the ceiling and the “rain” falls on you. But here, you have the option to choose which part of the body you want the rain to fall on or how heavy it should be — whether it be a misty spread or an invigorating sharp spray.

You can also select three different bathing modes with a touch of a button — controlling brightness, scent and water -- to soothe away the tension after a long day at work. Or to give you a zap to greet the new day in the morning. Yes, RainSky can do all that, and more.

Dornbracht fittings are used in several Sunrise Bhd projects.
For details, contact GC Building Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd at 03-78052752.

Article by theSun (by Lin Siu-Loong)

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