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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Become a successful real estate investor

Hardworkers: Participants of the financial workshop working on their assignments

In Malaysia, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to accumulate wealth and become financially free. Poor financial planning coupled with wrong investments have made many people poor wealth accumulators.

Most people acquire their financial knowledge once they start working or through trial and error.

This traditional method of learning would cost them thousands of ringgit and it would set them back a few years financially.

When it comes to putting money to work, it requires a different mindset and new set of skills that is best learned from the experts.

For example, many people have made wrong property investments that have cost them thousands of ringgit and a few years of their life is required to undo the damage. It is easy to get into properties but very difficult and costly to get out.

“You must get it right, not only the first time, but every time in property purchases — whether you are buying as investment or your own home,” advises Milan Doshi, independent financial trainer and best-selling author of How You Can Become A Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

Malaysia is one of the few countries where the majority can easily invest in one property every three to five years. Whereas, in countries like Singapore or Hong Kong, it is considered a major achievement to buy a second property for investment purposes.

Malaysia has a huge advantage as the prices of properties are amongst the lowest in world.

One can easily buy a medium-cost apartment that gives rental returns of seven to nine percent per annum for as low as RM70,000.

All you need to do is come up with a low down payment of only 10 percent.

“By using creative financing techniques, many of our graduates have bought properties with little or zero down payment and positive cash flow. It is really easy to earn long term compounded returns from both rental yields and capital appreciation of 10 to 12 percent p.a,” adds Milan.

Properties also provide an excellent long-term investment vehicle to fund your children’s education and retirement needs while providing a steady and predictable passive rental income that will help you to gain financial independence and ultimately, financial freedom.

In Malaysia, there are two main ways of becoming wealthy besides running your own business: investing in properties and stocks. Properties are long term in nature, whereas the stock market is in respect, short term.

Hence, one needs to learn how to do both and practise tactical asset allocation between these two powerful investment vehicles.

Milan has been conducting various financial programmes on personal money management, property and stock market investments since 1998. Participants will learn all aspects of smart money management, discover their unique investment profile as well as property and stock market investments.

This include ways of cutting short their mortgage payments in half, how to leverage property loans for stock market investments and how to make 20 to 30 percent p.a. returns from the stock market with minimal risks.

Participants will also learn the art of tenant and property management, how to look for motivated sellers and master powerful negotiation skills.

Money is made in properties at the point of purchase and not when you sell. Participants are assured of unbiased advice, as they do not sell any financial products or services.

They will learn practical lessons through a combination of lectures, games and real life case studies.

There will be a three-hour financial workshop on “How you can become a Multi-Millionaire Property & Stock Investor, right here in Malaysia” on May 10 and 17 (Saturdays).

* For more information, call 019-2277 645 or visit to sign up (limited seats).

By The Star

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