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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quality topics


In a borderless world, practitioners have an opportunity to market real estate to the region and beyond.

The Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) is the official body that represents real estate agents in Malaysia. For more than 10 years now, MIEA has been organising high quality conventions not just for its members, but also for the public at large.

Re-branded last year as MAREC, an acronym for the Malaysian Annual Real Estate Convention, these conventions continue to deliver quality and high impact topics of discussion. Over the years, many themes have been presented, such as:

*Global Real Estate Trends - Local Applications

*ASEAN Real Estate Practices - Confronting the Future

*Become the Real Estate Shogun

*Globalising Malaysia’s Real Estate Market - Strengths and Challenges

*Regionalising the Malaysian Market - The Reality of Getting There

For the upcoming MAREC 09, MIEA is organising a convention with a difference. With the growing financial and economic uncertainty across the globe, MIEA feels that now is the time for practitioners to look within themselves and re-brand the profession.

The time is now right for practitioners to embrace the latest marketing methods, unique selling propositions and in the process, create a highly specialised and niche market for themselves.

Aptly themed “Reinventing the Profession”, MAREC 09 promises to be a convention that would prepare practitioners to better weather the financial storm ahead. Simply, it is a convention “for the practitioners, by the practitioners”.

The topics at MAREC 09 deal with everyday issues faced by estate agents. Most of the topics will be delivered by practising estate agents who have achieved success in their career. As such, those attending the MAREC 09 can be assured of not just quality topics but presenters and panellists who are themselves practitioners and are up-to-date with current issues affecting real estate agents and the profession itself.

Some of the topics that will be covered in MAREC 09 are as follows:

1)Managing Successful Real Estate Firms

As the market becomes more and more sophisticated and the world continues its unrelenting pace of globalisation, running a real estate agency is no longer the task it was yesterday.

This module attempts to bring the participants skills they will need to cultivate to successfully manage a real estate firm. Practitioners will be taught modern methods of setting goals and applying their mind as well as daily activities to achieve that goal.

2)Managing During Tough Times

As the global economy starts diving into a tailspin in a reaction to the financial crisis in the United States, hard times are expected to hit our shores again.

How do we anticipate what is going to happen? How do we prepare for it? How long is it expected to last? How can practitioners brace themselves during these trying times? These and other questions will be answered and the way forward outlined.

3)New Marketing Tool and Methods

In today’s increasing sophisticated markets, gone are the tried and tested marketing methods that have been the trademark of estate agencies for years. If real estate agents are not willing to reinvent themselves and the way they reach their customers, they will be left behind as dinosaurs in the industry.

This module will attempt to introduce participants to modern marketing tools and methods. It will guide them in embracing these new tools and technologies to enhance their business as well as their professional image.

4)International Marketing – Selling Local Properties Overseas

The world is becoming borderless. International boundaries are disappearing from day to day while the financial markets of the world move seamlessly from country to country, region to region and continent to continent.

International travel has become a way of life for many people. As they travel, they become more aware of opportunities that present themselves.

In this scenario, practitioners have an enormous opportunity to market legal real estate to the region and beyond. The aim here is to provide participants with insight on exactly how they can go about doing this.

5)Amendment to Legislation – The Way Forward

In recent years, there have been several significant amendments to legislation that affect land matters. This module will highlight these amendments and equip participants with knowledge on their workings and implications.

Interested to register for the convention? Between now and January 31, early bird discounts are offered for both members and non-members, so hurry up and take advantage of these promotions!

Sign up now for the Malaysian Real Estate Convention – MAREC 09 to be held on February 14 & 15. For further details, please contact MIEA.

The Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents, Unit C-27-05, Dataran 3 Dua, No. 2, Jln 19/1, 46300 PJ. Tel: 03-79602577 Fax: 03-79603757 Email: Website:

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