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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Changing the face of Putrajaya

Towering: Skyscrapers in Putrajaya as seen from a distance.

The concept of Putrajaya is slowly changing with skyscrapers being built and Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj) said the federal administrative capital was never planned as a low-rise development.

PPj City Planning Department director Omairi Hashim said Putrajaya was planned as a compact city especially on the Core Island where most of the ministries and goverment departments were located.

The buildings in the Core Island of Putrajaya are mostly five-storey tall.

Omairi said skyscrapers were the latest development and the masterplan was approved by the Cabinet in 1995.

“The skyline of the city along Persiaran Perdana (Boulevard) will rise to the maximum height of 40 storeys, becoming the landmark in the city,’’ he said.

He added that the development was being undertaken based on approved layout plans as set out in the Putrajaya Master Plan (PMP).

The master plan covers land use, categories of buildings, hosuing estates, mixed-use development as well green areas in Putrajaya.

Development on Core Island is based on plot ratio, gross floor area, building height and typology of each plot.

Omairi said building height was used to create an urban ambience at the Core Island.

“The PMP has always considered the ‘Flying Path’ determined by the Department of Civil Aviation and as such the buildings will be within the gazetted maximum height,’’ said Omairi.

Six skyscrapers, including four government buildings, are now being built in Precinct 4 and two in Precinct 5.

Omairi said apart from the Putrajaya Core Area, there were five main precincts which are designated as Putrajaya Core Area — Precinct 2, 3, and 4 in the Core Island and Precinct 1 and 5.

“The different height of buildings at the Central Business District (CBD), particularly along Persiaran Perdana (Boulevard) which links all the precincts on the Core Island are planned to create an interesting skyline,’’ said Omairi.

He said the building height of between 18 and 20 storeys in Precinct 2, would be scaled down to about 15 storeys in Precinct 3 and increased to a maximum of 40 at the southern Boulevard.

A long-time resident said he thought Putrajaya was meant to be unique with low-rise development.

“The tall buildings should not be along the Boulevard.

“The Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) which was visible from the Prime Minister’s Office, is now partly blocked by the skyscrapers.

“The area has lost its uniqueness. Even the beauty of the Seri Gemilang bridge is lost,’’ said the resident.

He said the uniqueness of Putrajaya were the architectural buildings and the bridges and adding tall structures had defeated the purpose.

As for the Peripheral area, the approved building height for commercial development is between two and four storeys, while high-rise apartments will be allowed a maximum of 17 storeys.

By The Star

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