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Friday, November 26, 2010

Malaysia’s premier cybercity celebrates vibrant living through camera lenses

Clockwise from top left: Life category clinched by Foong Zaai Yuen, Nature category by Muhammad Syafiq bin Adnan and Architecture category by Ngeow Yen Churn.

Cyberview Sdn Bhd, landowner and development spearhead of Cyberjaya recently announced the winners of Cyberjaya – Images of Glory digital photography contest.

The contest, which was held from July to August this year, featured the three categories of Live, Architecture and Nature and attracted more than 1,000 entries. The entries, which were published online at, were narrowed-down to the winners based on a combination of popular online public votes and scoring by a panel of professional judges.

“We were thoroughly impressed with the calibre of the photography skills and personal interpretations of Cyberjaya life expressed through the contest entries. It was our goal to give Cyberjaya a platform to present the cyber city’s four pillars of Live, Study, Work, Play and the results are a tremendous success,” said En. Ir. Hafidz, Managing Director of Cyberview Sdn Bhd.

“Each one of these images reflects a different facet of life in the city, be it through the way our community lives, the architecture, or the natural beauty within it. We’re delighted so many people wanted to share their experiences through this competition, and we even had participants from all over Malaysia,” he added.

The first prize winner received RM1,500 in cash, while the second and third place received RM1,000 and RM750 in cash respectively. All winners and consolation prize recipients also received a certificate of participation.

The prizes were presented by En. Ir. Hafidz and Rashid Mat, General Manager for Business, Corporate Communications and Planning for Cyberview. As an added recognition of their achievements, all photos from first to third places in each category will be permanently displayed at the foyer of the Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik Cyberjaya.

Life in Cyberjaya
Foong Zaai Yuen clinched first prize in the Live category with an interpretation of the burgeoning development scene at Cyberjaya – a black-and-white portrait of a tractor in the midst of earthworks.

Foong is a software engineer who is intimately familiar with life in Cyberjaya, having started her campus life in Multimedia University and working in Cyberjaya since. According to the judges, Foong aptly captured the daily life she witnesses and enjoys in the cybercity in this simple yet powerful picture. “I do not own a camera, and yet I always borrow cameras from my friends who are avid photography fans. And yes, I am a contest lover”, said Foong.

Majestic sights
The Architecture category was dominated by entries showcasing new and existing buildings in Cyberview against serene Cyberjaya landscapes.

Ngeow Yen Churn took home first prize for a picture of development in Cyberjaya bathed in the evening sunset.

Ngeow is an engineer and researcher who has been living in Cyberjaya for the past six years and he has seen this city grow to fulfil its full potential. “Capturing Cyberjaya on camera is always interesting as the landscape is so beautiful. I especially love wide-angle views of Cyberjaya with fluffy clouds on the sky, and my entry was no exception. The sunsets here are awesome! Every day is a new experience at Cyberjaya”, said Ngeow.

For more of Ngeow’s work, visit

Life in Cyberjaya is not always full of the hustle and bustle of new developments and people who live, study, work and play in the cybercity. Muhammad Syafiq bin Adnan captured the serene side of the Cyberjaya with his still-life portrait of a lone rowboat at dusk at Cyberjaya’s lake gardens, which garnered the top place in the Nature category.

Syafiq works as a MainBoard designer in Sony EMCS but photography is a major passion in his life. No stranger to success, his win represents his second accolade as champion in a photography contest for the Nature category. “I love everything about photography, and it doesn’t matter whether I do it for contests or for leisure. I just love capturing something that I can share,” said Syafiq.

To view Syafiq’s photos, please visit

As the youngest contestant at only 15, Crystal Ng Pei Qi clinched third prize in the Nature category, while also taking home consolation prizes for both the Live and Nature categories. “After being elected as a member of the Cyber Brigade in my school, I gradually developed an interest in digital photography and I bought my first DSLR in 2009,” she said.

Ahmad Rafidi Rofie, another notable contestant, came all the way from Penang to Cyberjaya over a couple of weekends just to capture dawn photos of the cybercity for the contest. His hard work was rewarded when he won a consolation prize in the Architecture category.

“We were pleasantly surprised with the quantity and quality of the entries. The judges had a tough time determining the winners,” said En. Ir. Hafidz.

“Over the years Cyberview has actively carried out its role in masterminding the development of Malaysia’s pioneer and premier cyber city. The amount of interest which poured in for this competition alone is a clear testimony of our success in developing Cyberjaya into a vibrant place to live, study, work, and play,” he added.

By The Star

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